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Clients Feedback

What Our Clients Have To Say :


I am happy to say Maureen and I arrived home safely after a very interesting trip to India.  We enjoyed our trip and were very pleased with the services you provided.  Our driver, Kalaish provided exceptional service - he was always on time and the car was always clean.  The guides and driver were in constant communication via mobile phone which made things run very smoothly.  

We enjoyed the Heritage Hotels since they were comfortable and provided charm and atmosphere as well.  The Rashmi Guest House in Varanasi was very clean with a great location and a good restaurant with a wonderful view of the Ganges.  I was a bit worried about the Swiss Tents at the camel fair but it turned out the tents were quite comfortable and the staff at the tents went out of their way to be helpful.

Please feel free to use my name and email address ( for a reference. 

We hope that in the next 2-3 years we will have a chance to visit the South of India and you can organize another wonderful trip for us!

Doreen Cody, USA

Hello Gagan,  

We would love to be on the reference list.,  

Can you please forward this message to Tapas as well I'm attaching our photo for him. Tapas, we just wanted to thank you for a wonderful and hassle free trip organization.  We especially appreciated you team being there for us at ever destination for pick up and drop off.  We enjoyed meeting Raman, Ankul in Dehli and Wilson in Mumbai what great guys that are really nice and professional. Tapas, we also want to thank you and Krisna for inviting us to your home we had a great fun meeting your family and enjoyed your company.

Best of wishes,
Dupinder and Victor Yablonsky, Canada

Namaste Tapas

Namaste to all those who helped make our holiday so enjoyable

We returned to Israel 4 weeks ago, after a wonderful ,enjoyable and interesting holiday, and still whenever I close my eyes, and think of India, I  am immediately surrounded by the sounds, sights and atmosphere that make your country so special, and which left such a strong impression on me. It was  a pity though, that we had only 19 days at our disposal, and so touched only a very small part of the country

With hindsight, I don't think we should have made any changes to our itinerary, and our decision  to take the train to Udaipur on the first night was correct, and saved us a day. A pity we couldn't do more overnight train trips, as they were comfortable (luckily we had a cabin to ourselves) and saved time. I did not realize how much time is lost by going by plane, and what with the trip to and from the airport, the 2 or 3 hours that you have to be there before the flight, and the good possibility of the flight being delayed, a day with flying is pretty much a day wasted.

The hotels we stayed in were all well chosen, and we enjoyed the special atmosphere of the heritage hotels we stayed at. I wanted to single out what we considered the best hotel, but the Rashmi in Varanasi and the Generals Retreat in Jaipur make it difficult to name the Ratan Villas in Jodhpur the best.

All our guides were Knowledgeable, very helpful, and gave us good insights to the cities they introduced us to. A special mention for Umesh Kumar Sharma in Jodhpur is in order  though- I enjoyed his company the most.

You said that our driver would be the person we could always rely on to help us with all our small needs, requests, and our spokesman if necessary, and Shoban Singh (hope I spelled his name correctly) certainly filled the position completely,   And did all in his power to make sure that all went smoothly and comfortably.

Once again I would like to thank you all for your kind service. If we visit India again we will definitely contact you first, and hope that then we will manage to meet you, Tapas, in person
Larry and Gila, Israel

Dear Mahendra and Tapas:

I still have your evaluation report form and will send it if you like forms but this email should be quicker and my comments should not be delayed.  

What I have to report is the excellence of your program and the superlative quality and devotion to your clients of the people who you placed in our service during the tours provided in Delhi and Agra this week for myself and my wife, Phyllis. This made for a wonderful 45th wedding anniversary gift for us.  

My words may not be enough to express my gratitude for the extra effort, even the sacrifices of the people assigned to us. Please forgive any errors in my spelling of names. Shailesh, who escorted us from the airport to the Oberoi, Delhi and from the Taj Palace to the Airport, sacrificed his own well-being since he had to leave his motorcycle at some risk while he accompanied us back from the airport to the hotel as we were departing Delhi. He accompanied us all the way back to the hotel in order to recover our passports which I managed to drop in the hotel lobby but did not realize this until we got to the airport the first time. He persistently phoned the hotel and so they almost miraculously recovered our passports which were handed to us within seconds of our arrival as we turned around for the second trip to the hotel with Doohm driving – again accompanied by Shailesh. With Shailesh’s persistence and willingness to take our heavy baggage to the first check point (which he could not go beyond) we made it to the airplane although we arrived at the airport the second time only as the airplane was already starting to load passengers. I am concerned about the results of Shailesh’s priority to us over his motorcycle and would like to know if he was able to recover it without incident or damage.  

Doohm (forgive my spelling), our driver for each and every moment of every day, was very very skilled as a driver, was prompt and visible on every occasion when we were to meet him to be picked up, very courteous and observant and honest. He located and returned my wallet which was left behind in the back seat which I did not notice until I was supposed to pay an entry fee.  Doohm was always patient in our communications as we tried to understand each other (I think he did better than me). His maneuvering on the second departure trip to the airport got us there safely and in the time we needed to just barely make it on time.  

Pradeep, your associate in Agra also should be called out with superlatives for his knowledge and enthusiasm to our understanding and appreciation of the history surrounding the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort and Agra itself. He helped us often with the photographic efforts of my wife and conveyed great knowledge about the architecture and the history of the sites we visited and thereby enhance our appreciation of the places and  the Mughal period.  

Sumetra also was an excellent guide for us for a great many places visited during our first day in Delhi, both Old Delhi and New Delhi. Her knowledge of history was a great introduction and with her insights into the evolution of the various rulers who dominated Delhi and in some cases nearly all of India. We came to refer to her as teacher – and so she was for us.  

The hotels were the best and at each one there were special services provided for us, lost items recovered, good advice, comfort and graciousness at all times, especially at the 2 Oberoi hotels.  

Thank you, also, Mehendra and Shailesh for adding, at the last minute, at my request, interesting tours of various temples on our last day, while we were capably shuttled around by Doohm, and in the case of your largest new temple, actually escorted through and given advice about what to do checking items, not checking items etc.  

We are now spoiled by your excellent staff and it now may be difficult for us, after we’ve received such guidance, to manage visits elsewhere without Trinetra.  

Steve and Phyllis Aronow, Hong Kong

Tapas and team,

 This is Julie and Marg reporting in.  

We have had an explosion of experiences here in India.

We can honestly say that each and every day we have seen and learnt something new. The differing ways of life, culture, impact of religious beliefs have enriched our knowledge immensely.  

We were really privileged to meet you and your beautiful wife.
It was a wonderful start to a great adventure, many thanks.  

We are glad that we came to Mumbai, especially after Varanasi as it adds a more balanced view of your country.  

We are off to Goa tomorrow for some R&R.  

Just wanted to say that the organisation and co-ordination of all events has been meticulous. The agents have been very good and we would like to especially mention Ankit who gave us a great welcome and to Ram, our driver who was customer service personifed.  

NMore updates at the end of our tour.
But for now, many thanks and great appreciation of all the hard work and effort put in to our most wonderful of trips. A memory for ever.  

many thanks,
Margaret & Julie, U.K.


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