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Clients Feedback

What Our Clients Have To Say :

For latest client feedback. you can click below link.

Hi Tapas,

We are back in Canada and are thrilled with our experience in India. The trip was so well organized.  There was not even an iota of a mistake. Congratulations! You have an excellent team working with you. Our 2 longtime drivers were great, the one in the North and Kumar in the South. They did not leave us one minute.  You can recommend them to your best clients. We will gladly recommend you to all our friends, and hope to generate more business for you. Give my best regards to your wife Krishna and kiss your son for me. I really enjoyed meeting you and your family.

Thanks again,

Colette Teiller, Canada

 Hello Tapas,

I hope Pal told you how happy we were throughout our tour of Rajasthan?  I'm sure he did.

Your ears must have been burning on and off because we spoke about you so often and so warmly on our recent trip.

Everything went smoothly, just as we had been told it would by your other clients - and we much enjoyed telling one or two less contented travellers along the way that  our tour had none of the creases or bumps that theirs seemed to have! Guides were unfailingly punctual and uncomplaining when we changed a plan or kept them waiting - which we did occasionally - but of course we apologised! Their constant philosophy seems to be, "My pleasure"  said with every semblance of sincerity and nothing seemed too much trouble.  I expect they have learned that from you!  

Prakash was brilliant and I hope he believed us when we repeatedly told him so.  He seemed to anticipate (and perhaps was familiar with) every bump in the road and slowed accordingly.  He never minded stopping for photos and always got out of the car when we did, which was not necessary but was none the less courteous and much appreciated!  And of course he smiled.  Smiled and smiled ...You had reassured me that he was one of your best and most experienced drivers and we could not fault him in any way.  

As to the tour - in hindsight perhaps we might have preferred an extra day or two in the better hotels simply to chill out - but then we might have missed some of the magnificent sights.  It was not too action packed or exhausting - but the drives were long and that time might have been better spent had we flown.  But...this is not in any way a criticism of your itinerary and we had such good conversations in the car that those journeys had a charm of their own.  If we can return, as we hope to do, for a tour of the South it may be something to bear in mind.  

The hotel in Jaisalmer was perhaps our least favourite but even there, as everywhere else, the service was unfailingly friendly and efficient.  (It was just that it had a somewhat heavy atmosphere with its dark furnishings and empty public areas). Our suite was huge - it even had a bar with bar stools (!) though no drinks..and the views from its may windows in our ENORMOUS suite were of flat rooftops and rows of metal chairs!  But our favourite hotel was the Devi Gahr.  What can I say?  We all loved it.  I was ill there ( yes...flattened for a day) but even so it was my favourite place.  I am glad to report that David, Penny and Anthony were well throughout the holiday.

The other really super hotel was the Oberoi in Agra.  We shall never forget arriving towards dusk and catching our first glimpse of the Taj Mahal in the warm evening air on the hotel terrace.  I must tell you about the one unfortunate incident there when David took a step backwards and landed at full length with complete submersion into the decorative pool by the restaurant.  It was unnerving for a second or two but when it was clear he was unhurt ( having just missed the large decorative elephant in the centre of the pool)  we all saw the funny side and laughed and laughed - David as much as any of us.   

The guides in Delhi and Agra were the best of the lot.  They certainly knew their stuff and we were able to exchange views and learn from them.  The others were good too but not always easy to understand...We marvelled at their ability to speak English at all since they say they learned it simply from their experience as guides.  All were friendly and helpful.  Our friends who had booked with another operator in England were less pleased (in the smaller details ) and their guides were not always punctual.  Your tourist representatives were always in the lobbies upon our arrival ready to welcome us.  You have certainly built up a good network. What else can I tell you?  It was really just GREAT! We miss India - the heat and friendliness and beauty of it all. I hope this feedback is helpful. It is written partly as a post-holiday indulgence - and partly as (what I hope might be) a help to you.   

We all send you warmest greetings and so many thanks for introducing India to us in such style and without any worries. Please give my best wishes also to Krishna and your lovely son,  

With love,
Rosemary Morton Jack

Dear Tapas, Pal, Ankit and everyone else we met,

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who made our holiday in India such a success. We all four really enjoyed every part of the holiday, even the drive from Agra to Ramthambhore seems enjoyable looking back on it! 
We arrived back safely in the U.K. and since then have all been busy catching up at work. I will now give you our tour evaluation as we forgot to give this to you before we left. The tour met all our expectations and more. It was well organised, everything ran smoothly and we enjoyed the variety of activities. The hotels meet expectations, they were all good and varied, however we felt we would possibly have liked a 4*/5* in Goa, although we realise this would have had cost implications. The guides, representatives and drivers exceeded expectations. Roshan our main driver was especially helpful, friendly and caring, although all drivers were good and helpful. The best guides were the ones in Delhi and Agra, their extensive knowledge and enthusiam made the visits all the more enjoyable and interesting. And of course we must mention how grateful we were to Ankit for our brilliant welcome and introduction to India. Overall We really enjoyed the whole tour and appreciated the flexible way the trip was accommodated to include David.  You can of course use us as references and we would recommend your services to others intending to visit India. Our e-mail addresses you have To conclude we found the tour letter very helpful, especially the information about tips and this could possibly be even more detailed for those of us from a non-tipping culture.

Again many thanks 

Brian, Margaret, Claire and David English, U.K.

Hello Ms. Kaur

I would very much like to be on your reference list!  We had such a good time during our brief stay, which I owe to Trinetra's careful planning and our driver and helper (Ram & Chotu).

The only suggestion I could make is that the evening in Jaipur at Chokhi Dhani seemed more appropriate for younger children (under 12). 

Many thanks to Trinetra for a very memorable trip!

Carole Schaefer, Hong Kong

Hello Tapas,

I would just like to tell you that we both had a great time on our trip in India.  It was a great experience.  After living in China for two years and seeing how China was developing and all the history here, we found we were comparing India with China a lot.  Well the two countries are different and unique in their own ways.  India is a very colorful country.  The ladies dress in such bright colors.  Their is so much history their.  We need to live there for a year to help understand the people better.  We both enjoyed the country the best.  The people were so friendly and interesting.  I have to say that Deli was a disappointment.  Both the city and the hotels. Goa was a great way to end the trip.  Warm, quiet and different.  Our driver was the best.   So over all I can say it was a great trip.  One we are both glad we did and over all well planed.  Thank you, your works and especial the drivers for getting us around safely and on time. 

Your Canadian friends, Maureen and Robert Longpre, Canada

Tapas!!! Great news about the eye. I will keep on praying until it is completely well so please keep me informed to its progress. Please feel free to give out our names:  John Timothy and Susanna McMahon; our address:  2001 Holcombe Blvd. #2604, Houston, Texas 77030; our telephone/fax: 713-795-0530 and my email:  to anyone who would like a great reference for  you and your staff and your incredible country.  It was such a pleasure to meet with you and your family. Our memories of India will last our lifetime and we cannot wait to come and make some more. We will be back, God willing!!!!! Take good care of yourself and thank you again for everything. Love, Susanna & Tim McMahon, USA.

Hi Mahendra

Just a very quick hello, and a big thank you for our very well planned holiday, which was lovely, which we really enjoyed, hopefully we will be back to India soon. Many thanks again.

kind regards
Jill White, Australia

Dear Gagan,

Thanks for your e-mail!

Please say hello to Ankit, Pal and Tapas!

Sorry for making you anxious! Everything is just great with us! The tour was very lovely! Was great! We come back to India and for sure to Trinetratours too! We were very busy the last couple of days, therefore our late reply.

Please add us to your reference list!

Once again, thanks for the perfect organised tour! It was very impressive, interesting and unforgettable!

Kudos to you all!


Kind regards

Tim & Ana Kohler, Germany

Dear Trineta Family,

  Thank you so much for the good wishes.We wish you the same.  

We were very disappointed in not being able to meet Mr Tapas at the end of our trip in India. I hope he feels better now.  

Our trip was very pleasant and knowing India was an unforgetable experience whch we will always treasure. All the people we met were friendly and nice, but the best one was undoubtedly Mr Raj Kumar, our driver.Please tell him we loved having met him . His careful driving and his kindness and politeness made India look and feel even better.  

Best wishes,

Vera & Mauricio Botelho


Natalie and I had a wonderful time on our trip! We cannot say enough good things about Trinetra and all the amazing people we met along the way.  Thank you so much for such wonderful memories!  We would of course love to serve as a reference.  Also, we have some photos that we're happy to forward to you if you think they'll be of any use.

Thanks again for everything!  

Michelle Olson, & Natalie Norem USA


Thanks so much for organizing the tour for me.  I had an incredible time, and it was really the trip of a lifetime for me.

Christal Presley, USA

Yes, of course you can use our names and email address for your reference list!  We really had a great time, and we especially enjoyed having dinner with you and your family!  Best Regards,

Jessica Rothschild, USA


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