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Clients Feedback

What Our Clients Have To Say :

Hi Tapas, We are now back home to some wonderful soaking rain. The animals were all thrilled to see us - so it was good to get back.

What a wonderful trip we had ! I have just been looking at some of the pictures and noticed that in every picture of people - we are either smiling or laughing - that is how it went the whole way.It was a really awesome experience visiting your country and meeting so many wonderful people - not to mention all the magnificent buildings and animals. Thank you for the great organisation and having people to help us all along the way. We were very grateful even to the last - that there was an agent who met us in Mumbai and helped us get to the international terminal and check in.

Thank you once again - we will certainly be back in India as soon as we get the time and money together ! Please give our love to all we met at Trinetra (and of course your beautiful wife) love

Ms. Lindy Dekker, South Africa

 Dear Tapas, Amit, Garima and Mahendra,

Thank you very much for your mail and birthday wishes. Thanks to you all, we have had a wonderful holiday in India. Everything was just perfect. The advice you gave us and most of the hotels you picked for us were brilliant. From now on, all my visits to India are going to be arranged through Trinetra Tours and are going to be through Delhi ( so I can sample more of Krishna's delicious cooking)! Shyam is in the process of filling the feedback form. Please feel free to contact me anytime if there is anything I can do for you from here.

Best regards
M. Popat (U.K.)

Hi Tapas,  

The joy is mutual!   

I can speak for all of us when I say that we absolutely adored meeting you, and that we all walked away from our dinner with you, looked at each other and said with one voice "Isn't he the most wonderful man?!!"  I know that if you and your wife ever decided to visit the U.S., you would have people in San Diego, Florida and New York who would be happy to be your "tour guide"!  

The oddest thing is that I cannot find the email I thought I had sent to you.  So maybe I never really sent it?  Maybe I was so time-shifted that I deleted it instead of sending it -- who knows?  Anyway, what I wanted to say was "thank you!", and to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip.  That was due, in large part, to you and the people you have chosen to work with in the various cities.  I remember asking you at dinner if we would have guides who knew anything, and you said "Oh, yes!"  (We had just spent a day with a "guide" from a "tour company" in our hotel, who was basically a taxi driver who spoke English.  Aside from knowing the population of Delhi, he didn't really know very much about anything!)   

I look back now on that question I asked and I laugh!  The guides you have are absolutely fantastic!!!  Very educated, very knowledgeable, and very warm and friendly.  Starting with Jay in Varanasi, whose soul is much older than his years, and who was responsible for "setting the bar" quite high for the rest of the trip.....and ending with Laxman in Jaipur, whose elegance, education and humor made all of us wish that some day he'd visit us in the U.S., we couldn't have had better people helping us.  For those of us who hadn't been to India before (which means everyone but David), our impressions were formed by you and the people you had working for you.  Yes, the places we went to were special, but a first impression is formed not only by place, but by the people who inhabit that place.  I know that I, for one, want to return someday to India.  

I have written an email to Laxman, (who gave us all his card), thanking him for his wonderful assistance, and telling him basically what I told you - that he would have people in 3 different places who would be happy to act as his "tour guide" if he ever chose to visit the U.S.  I didn't get a card from Jay, and I cannot remember the name of our guide in Khajuraho, but he was wonderful!  We loved his sense of humor, as well as his incredible knowledge.  If you have email addresses for these 2 guides, I'd love to have them so that I could write a personal thank you.  

Leah and I made it safely and easily back to the U.S.  Flying back from Delhi on "standby" turned out to be impossible, so we bought tickets on Royal Jordanian from Delhi to London.  From London it was easy to get on a flight to New York on the standby list.  We stayed overnight with Leah's daughter in Manhattan, and I flew out the next morning to San Diego.   

I got a call from David the other day, but we didn't have much time to talk.  I know they made it back safely, though.  And I also know that while we were in Junia together, we saw the bird that David wanted to see.  Our guide there told us that we were lucky, as he had taken another group out and they tried for 3 days and could never find this creature, which was HUGE!!  (Over a meter and a half tall!!)  

Anyway, I would guess that you're not as busy now as you were when we were there.  It seems that the tourist season was nearing an end in mid-April.  Now it's a question of waiting for the monsoons to cool things down a bit....  

I hope that your wife's uncle is, at best, feeling better, and at the very least is made comfortable.  I send her my regards, and hope that I can meet her on my next trip.   

All the best to you, my friend!  

(Ms.)Toni Narins, U.S.A.

Hi Tapas,

We really enjoyed our 10 days trip to India. The whole trip was very good organized & the travel agent + representatives were really very helpful & took very much care of us. Without any doubt we will recommend your travel agency to everybody who wants to visit India.

The driver was beyond our expectations. Excellent behavior !! & we appreciate the dinner in your house - very well organized.

We have only seen a small part of India & will certainly come back to explore more of India.

We will certainly use your travel agency again.

Our Best Wishes are with you –

Dr. Marinus Dirks, Netherlands

Dear Tapas

This is just a quick thank you to say how much we enjoyed our recent trip to India. Everything went very smoothly and we were extremely happy with the hotels, and all the guides and drivers were very friendly and efficient. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to any of my traveling friends.

Thanks also to Krishna for such a lovely meal last Friday - I can't believe it was only a week ago.  We wish we were still in India as it has been snowing here since we landed back on Wednesday. Have a nice weekend

Kind regards and lots of love

Juliette Barnshaw and Paul Reid, U.K.

Hello Tapas,

Just a brief note to tell you once again how much we enjoyed our visit to India and to congratulate you for a great job in planning and executing our itinerary. We felt pampered all the way. Our special thanks go to Parkash for his excellent driving and to yourself and Krishna for your gracious hospitality at home. We are now urging all our friends to go see India the Trinetra way. The memories will stay with us forever.

Best Wishes

Shane and May Maloney, Australia

Happy New Year Tapas

I apologize for the delay in responding to you 12/14 note but we are just now returning to normal after 2 months of traveling and then Christmas celebrations with our family.

We could not have been more pleased or satisfied with every aspect of the arrangements you and your staff put together for our recent trip thru India.

In this day and age it's unusual to receive all that's promised and a pleasant surprise to get more than expected.

We had not ONE single moment of apprehension. We were met on time at every destination by your staff or representatives. It was only after we were well into our journey that we began to realize and appreciate what an excellent job you had done. Your anticipation of and pre-solved solutions to situations we had not thought of was a mark of high professionalism!

We took great comfort in the excellent job done by our driver, Mohan Singh.  He watched over us like a mother hen protecting her brood of chicks... please thank him again for us.  Garima is a real public relations asset to your organization and we really enjoyed her company.  Tell her hello and how much we enjoyed her company.

Please add us to your listing of satisfied friends when sending out your referral list to prospective customers or forward this note to anyone inquiring of your services.

Regarding the issue of trust: Of course its difficult to send large sums of money to someone who could be a smooth internet scam artist.  I suppose its done many times each day.  Our frequent e-mails established a feeling of mutual trust but the clincher for me (after I had already bankwired you the money) was receipt of the unsolicited e-mail from Garima announcing how, when and where she would meet us on our arrival.

We enjoyed dinner at your home. it’s a very nice personal thing for you to do and establish's a friendship vrs. a business relationship.  If you get to the USA we hope to reciprocate.  You can contact us at 970-870-0856 (primary) or 310-370-6048 and look forward to seeing both of you again!!

Your friend

Jerry Ebenkamp, USA


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