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About Taj Mahal » Hindu Symbols in Taj Mahal

Hindu Symbols in Taj Mahal Tour

Hindu Symbols in Taj Mahal Tour With the coming of the Mughals in India, the architectural style of Hindus were greatly influenced. On the other hand, the Mughals also incorporated some elements of Hindu architecture in their style. With the advent of the Mughals there emerged a beginning of new chapter in the history of Indian art. While the ancient Indian art was more interested in the decoration with sculpture and carving, the Mughals had a love for colour and decoration adopting different methods of embellishment.

A tolerant and liberal outlook was the hallmark of Mughals art. In the art and architecture of Akbar's period an attempt was made to bring a cultural fusion. Akabr's period shows the first evidence of the Hindu symbols used in the Mughal architecture. Many ancient symbols and icons both in their original form as well as in modified form were used as decorative motifs in the buildings of Mughal period. A complete change in policy comes with the reign of Aurangzeb who was a puritan at heart and prohibited everything which was against Islam. These ancient motifs were used by the artists more as an architectural element for aesthetic effect than for its symbolic representation. Along with these motifs the typical Islamic elements line arabesque, stalactite, geometrical and calligraphy also continued to appear.

Taj Mahal is an example of the rich Mughal architecture. The influence of the Hindu style of architecture on the Islamic buildings was natural. It is said that many holistic symbols of Hindus had been followed in designing Taj Mahal. Most important of all is the use of lotus.

Lotus is a holy symbol of the Indian cultural heritage. It is a sacred symbol for Hindus and has been mentioned in all Hindu scriptures. Lord Brahama and Vishnu are depicted sitting in a lotus. The Indian poets have used lotus as a simile to the feet of the Gods. According to Mahayana, the sect of Buddhism all souls emerge from a lotus. Lotus is the prominent Hindu symbol used in Taj Mahal.

Though Muslims does not have any significance to lotus they have used lotus in Muslim architecture under the influence of Hinduism. The Taj Mahal contains a lot of lotus motifs in its designs. The dome of Taj Mahal resembles the upside-closed lotus resting on its petals.

Purankalsa Purnakalasa also known as Purnakumbha, Purnaghata and Mangalakalasa is one of the eight auspicious symbols of the Indian classical art. It is a symbol of plenty and creativity. This symbol is normally associated with Lakshmi and with over flowing foliage composed of lotus buds, flowers and leaves. The motifs of Purankalsa appears in its finest form on the interiors of Taj Mahal. Here the vase and the foliage motif have been combined in a very fine way with the inner border.

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