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Speciality Tours of India

Speciality Tours of India Photographic Tours of India

The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India provide you ample opportunity to enjoy photography tours in India. Whether north, south, east, west or central India; the country has plenty of national parks and sanctuaries to boast of. The famous wildlife sanctuaries are Bandhavgarh, Kaziranga, Kanha, Shivpuri, Periyar, Gir, Ranthambore, Bharatpur and Corbett. Most of them are tiger reserves, which are home to the famous Indian royal Bengal Tiger/ White Tigers. A photograph of a roaring Lion, yawning tiger, an alert leopard, a jolly elephant or huge flying pelicans; you can click the snap of every rare moment forever, giving you the satisfaction and thrill of wildlife photography.

Taj Mahal is synonymous with India. A visit to the terrific Taj is like a visit to no other monument in the world. The beauty and grandeur make it the most visited, most photographed and most written about monument in India.  more...

Speciality Tours of India Spiritual Tours

India is known as the seat of spiritualism and religion since the ancient times. India is the birthplace of many religions and spiritual leaders.

Amongst the many Spiritual Tours in India are those that revolve around the holy Ganges River and the Hindu faith having numerous deities. It is said that one attains a state of unision with the almighty after visiting the various pilgrimages en-route the spiritual tours of India. These spiritual destinations include Hardwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath and Kedarnath (Char Dham) and other places like Gangotri and Yamunotri. The banks of river Ganga, the tranquil surroundings and the temples that strengthen your belief in God; this is what the spiritual tour at these places offers you. Down in South India too spiritual tours of India are conducted for Rameshwaram, Mahabalipuram, Tirupati and other sacred pilgrim spots.  more...

Speciality Tours of India Ayurveda and SPA Tours

Ayurveda and Spa tours in India are the ultimate in relaxation and well-being. The correct ambience for rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul is available in India for the success of Ayurveda and Spa tours.

The ancient traditional discipline of medicine in India is Ayurveda which promises the removal of body ailments by uprooting the main causal factor; be it inadequate or inappropriate diet, insomnia, stress and tension or muscular weakness. The demand of Ayurveda as a remedy to diseases is picking up a fast pace now due to the mechanised and mundane routine of today's world. Looking to this demand many Ayurveda and Spa centres have been sprouted up in India mainly in Goa, Kerala and Rajasthan.  more...

Cycling/Biking tours

Cycling or motor biking in the Himalayas in India is one of the most challenging and physically demanding adventure sports you have ever indulged in. It is not for the faint hearted, and definitely not for those who have not been keeping in shape. For even the fittest have trouble in lugging their bikes up the hill, should they be cycling, or have aching backs with the long drives on their motor bikes. But if you are one of the tough Harley Davidson role model types, then this adventure activity is just the one for you!

There is no better way to get a feel of the local culture of a place than by actually biking through it, and stopping at the villages and towns to get a closer look at the town and village way of life. Mountain biking in the Himalayas is one of the most adventure filled and novel ways of combining travel with experiencing the local flavor and culture of a place.  more...

Fairs and Festivals of India

India is a land of Fairs and Festivals. It is said that every third day is India is celebrated colourfully for one reason or the other. Every year millions of travellers throng heavily in India coinciding their India tour with the date of some Indian Festival. Whether it is Holi, Gangaur and Pushkar Fair of Rajasthan; Elephant Festival, Onam or Boat Carnival of Kerala, The great Goan Carnival; Taj Mahotsav of Agra or Tansen Festival of Gwalior; you percieve a distinct hue at every festival dominated by the culture, customs and traditions particular to that region.

We can organize the best of tours for the fairs of India including Ambubasi Mela, Chandrabhaga Fair, Kumbha Mela, Nauchandi Mela, Pushkar Fair, Sonepur Cattle Fair and Surajkund Mela.  more...

Speciality Tours of India Beach Tours of India

The beautiful country of India is blessed with numerous beaches. The beautiful beaches are a major tourist attraction in India. Amongst the best-known beaches of India are the Beaches of Goa or Beaches of Orissa, Beaches of Tamil Nadu or Beaches of Kerala, Beaches of Andaman or Beaches of Lakshadweep. Each one of these beach destinations offers the best of beaches tours to India.

7500 km long Indian coastline offers the opportunities for the best of beach tours of India. Dona Paula Beach, Anjuna Beach and Colva Beach in Goa; Gopalpur-on-Sea and Puri Beach in Orissa; Kovalam Beach in Kerala; Beaches of Lakshadweep and Beaches in Andaman and Nicobar are amongst the most popular beach tours of India. Beach Tours in India are not limited to Goa.  more...

Speciality Tours of India Backwater Tours of India

The Incredible country called India offers beautiful backwater tours for you to enjoy your holidays at. Up in the North, in the Kashmir Valley on the picture perfect backwaters and down south in Kerala the best of backwater tours of India are available.

The green and graceful, palm fringed backwaters of Kerala are unique in themselves. Known all over the world the tour of Backwaters in Kerala is considered equivalent to and even much refreshing than the canals in Thailand, or the backwaters in Milan. The sparkling and emerald green waters acquiring the hues of tall huge green palms attract the tourists in quest of serenity and intangible beauty. Amongst the most frequented backwater destinations of India are Alapuzzha, Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, Thiruvallam, Kumarakom, Kottayam, Kollam and Kasargod.  more...

Speciality Tours of India Luxury Rail Tours of India

The rail network and the connectivity of various cities through the trains are really commendable in all respects. About three fourth tourists visiting India every year travel through trains in the internal suburbs and areas, which are not directly accessible through airways? Looking to this aspect there are many luxury trains in India - The Palace on Wheels, The Royal Orient, Fairy Queen, Kalka Shimla and Deccan Odyssey. The most frequently demanded train is the Palace on Wheels, which treats you like a Maharaja covering all the major destinations from Delhi to Rajasthan. Similarly the other trains also take you to a luxurious tour of India. What can be a more scintillating experience than a royal ride aboard the Palace-on- Wheels?  more...

Heritage Tours of India

India is a country with an ancient heritage of its own. The medieval temples, rock cut caves, palaces, forts or the exhibits of the majestic lifestyle of the Indian emperors; all boast of the royal traditions once followed religiously in India. From Delhi, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Goa to Kerala; every place has in store its own cultural legacy.

The Heritage Tours of India conducted by us are an effort to familiarise the Indians as well as the foreigners with the rich Indian legacy. The India Heritage Tours reincarnate you for a time being as if an emperor or Maharaja where you feel the grandeur of the bygone days. Your dream of realising the degree of comfort and luxury observed by the royal families of North India or South India turns true with our privileged India Heritage Tours.  more...

Speciality Tours of India Monument Tours of India

India is home to some of the greatest monuments ever made in the world including the seventh wonder of the world Taj Mahal made in Agra. The monuments in India mark the presence of Mughal dynasty, Rajputana Empire and the Dravidian influence in the country. Most of the historic buildings took shape during the regime of these three powerful kingdoms.

The most important and the renowned one is the Monument of Love - The Taj Mahal - made of white marble signifying the eternal love between emperor Shahjahan and his beloved Mumtaz Mahal. The Forts and Palaces of Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur; the monuments like Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Jama Masjid, Chandi Chowk etc. in Delhi; the Meenakshi temple in Madurai, Rameshwaram temple, Tirupati temple etc. in South and the modern French Gothic structures in Goa are the evidences of various reigns in India with brilliant command on symmetry and architecture.  more...

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